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Periodontal Surgery In Issaquah

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Surgical Options for Periodontal Disease In Issaquah, WA

What you need to know.

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If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, the good news is that there are a variety of periodontal treatment options to match both your situation and severity of your problem.

At Implant & Periodontic Specialists, we always start with the least invasive options, which are non-surgical. However, in more serious cases, surgery may be necessary. Our Issaquah periodontists can help determine the best treatment plan for your unique dental needs.

In cases where the tissue or bone surrounding your teeth is too damaged to be repaired with non-surgical treatment, there are several surgical procedures available to repair severe damage and to restore a healthy smile.

At our Issaquah location our surgical periodontal treatment options include:

  • Pocket Depth Reduction

  • Gum Repair

  • Regeneration

  • Soft Tissue Graft

Our Issaquah dental team has years of experience, extensive training, and regularily complete continuing education in periodontal treatment, which ensures you get the best possible dental care.

Our Periodontal Surgery Procedures

The dentist using two dental instruments to check the mouth of a middle-aged woman, while she smiles in our Issaquah, WA office
Pocket Depth Reduction

Healthy mouths have teeth that are firmly surrounded by gum tissue and are securely supported by the bones of the jaw. Periodontal disease can damage these tissues and bones, which creates spaces around the teeth that we call pockets. The larger the pocket, the easier it is for bacteria to collect inside them. Over time, this leads to more damage and, eventually, the supportive structure degrades to the point that the tooth either falls out or needs to be removed.

Pocket reduction surgery (also known as “osseous surgery”) folds back the gum tissue and removes the bacteria hiding underneath, as well as, the hardened plaque and tartar that have collected.

During this procedure, any tissue that is too damaged to survive may be removed. Next, the healthy tissue is sewn back into place. Once the tooth and root are free of bacteria, plaque, and tartar and the pockets have been reduced; the gums can reattach to the teeth.

This procedure uses anesthesia so you are comfortable throughout. Plus, we have our sedation options available too.

A mature woman looking at her new teeth in a blue mirror inside our Issaquah dental office

Regeneration procedures restore the bone and tissue supporting the teeth that have been lost due to severe gum disease. During this process, the gum tissue is folded back to remove the bacteria, plaque, and tartar.

Depending upon your situation, a bone graft may be performed to stimulate new bone growth or a special kind of protein may be applied to stimulate tissue growth to repair the areas that have been destroyed by the disease.

Soft Tissue Graft

Gum recession (also called gingival recession) is a common symptom of gum disease. As the gums recede, more of the roots are revealed, which can make teeth appear longer and also create sensitivity to hot or cold liquids and food. It also exposes the tooth to increased damage from gum disease, as bacteria, plaque, and tartar attack the surface of the tooth and the root.

During a soft tissue graft, a small amount of tissue from the top of your mouth or another source is removed and sewed to the gum area, covering the roots and restoring the gum line to its original, healthy location. This procedure can also be performed for cosmetic reasons too. Once the healing process is complete, you can enjoy a beautifully aligned gum line!

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By far the best surgeon I've ever had! The Dr. was incredibly friendly and great at making you feel at ease in their office. I've heard nothing but positive things about the other doctors here as well. Every staff member I've spoken with has been super helpful as well.

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Crown Lengthening In Issaquah

Achieving cosmetic and aesthetic excellence.

The smiling mouth of a young woman, showing her beautiful white teeth
The smiling mouth of a young woman, showing her beautiful white teeth

When decay reaches below the gum line and creeps towards the bone, it is most likely time for a crown lengthening. At Implant & Periodontic Specialists, our services are the best in our community, so trust us to reshape and lengthen your teeth! There many benefits of crown lengthening, such as:

  • Fixes damaged teeth

  • Helps teeth look natural

  • Takes out extraneous gum tissue

  • Enhances your smile

  • Creates enough space between the jawbone and crown

After receiving a local anesthetic, our Issaquah periodontist will work to skillfully remove all of the unwanted tooth. After the procedure, we will answer any questions you will have regarding tips and instructions for aiding the healing process.

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